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Learning To >>> Transform - January 2023

Bringing routine change to daily work environments – both physical and digital – can act as a catalyst for organizational change. Using collaboration spaces to foster learning outcomes shows that the organization is committed to change, is serious about enhancing staff capabilities, and upholds individual autonomy. 

These approaches offer the promise of:

     •replacing some forms of classroom training;

     •generating real-time feedback;

     •demonstrating transformation progress and commitment;

     •recognizing successful efforts; and

     •using otherwise untapped time and resources.

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Seeing Your Transformation - November 2022

WATCH VIDEO: This is Transformation Assurance

Digital transformations cannot be supervised or “aligned” into existence. Most progress too slowly to impact business results. Organizations that merely set up a center of excellence, train people or activate teams are advancing less than halfway to their goal.We propose that transformation leaders also seek to:
  • build visual, fact-driven influence tools directly into digital work environments;
  • ensure that teams, leaders and others routinely address their results;
  • actively campaign to reduce incentives for organizational inertia; and
  • identify and celebrate transformation victories.

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